Saturday, August 8, 2009

Awaken and Seek Truth

We MUST become literate in the Darkside Reality so we might understand their plan of the ages and therefore trump their hand. We can turn this ship around and be the Buddha, To Awaken! We can be the Christ Consciousness, FEARLESS! and full of Love and Compassion!

To be free and sovereign means empowering oneself with Truth and an ability to transverse dimensions. We are above the Angelic Realm. When we awaken from our manipulated dream and realize who we really are then and only then will we Rise Up and take our rightful place in the Galactic Order. All we have to do is WAKE UP.

I encourage all my Brothers and Sisters to: seek and you will find.........Never Doubt that WE are NOT ALONE. We are being helped by the Forces of Light. I can assure you we are Legions Strong and the Darkside is Powerless in the Light. Dark has No Power over us and so we MUST move this forward and do what we came here to do. To help our Hue-Man family ascend.


Robert B. Reckmeyer

9/11 Truth

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Eisenhower Warns us of New World Order


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