Monday, August 24, 2009

United States National Strategy for the 21st Century

August 24, 2009

United States National Strategy for the 21st Century

The New Paradigm/Freedom and Liberty for the World

By Robert B. Reckmeyer

Positive thoughtful planning, such as; United States National Strategy for the 21st Century, are as much a part of our reality as Dark Side Conspiracies and yet in the post 911 conspiracy aftermath we can either be honest with ourselves and awaken from the dream, or we can choose to stay asleep and carry on as if our political, religious and educational leaders are telling us the whole truth and leading us to a brighter future. It becomes self evident, when we do our own research, (DYOR) that we are being manipulated, with a false reality, that leaves out many facts. These Dark Forces have not only left out the facts but in truth they have knowingly led us down a path that keeps us from the truth and our true potential. Our United States National Strategy for the 21st Century, has within it the seed to unleash the Forces of Freedom and release Positive Energy on a scale that has heretofore been suppressed by the Dark Forces, at work in the world. It is time to unleash our Hue-Man Potential and lead the world to a brighter future. The time to Take COLLECTIVE ACTION is NOW.

We have crossed the Rubicon and now enter a phase in our Nations history that dictates a quantum shift in how we do things not only here within the United States of America but throughout the world. Our mission is to set a National Strategy that incorporates our founding principals enshrined within our founding documents, i.e. the United States Constitution and Declaration of Independence. The Sovereign Nation-States that make up this great Nation must also be respected and honored within the greater collective. We must reestablish our national and inter-national objectives absent the War Doctrine and the misguided policy of empire building. We must reset our moral compass to include the rest of humanity and our moral, political, economic and spiritual leadership role in the world. It is imperative that we identify the high ground, changing course and relighting our candle as a beacon of hope for the world. Our leadership can either bring us and the world down or we can rise up on wings of eagles and soar to heights still yet imagined. This is our true mission.

This is the time that has been foretold from ages past. Our great nation has within its makeup a can do spirit that inspires the world. Our National Strategy can set the tone for the rest of this 21st century and can literally remake the world into what the ancients only aspired to. It involves a moral recommitment to national and individual sovereignty and human rights protected by our United States Constitution.

We must reject the Patriot Act as a document put in place to deny us our God given rights of freedom and liberty. Our Constitution must be the foundation of our republic and the basis for the rule of law. We must elevate our Constitutional protections to the rest of the world and reestablish the rule of law based not on a Globalist agenda but rather on a message of Hope and Inspiration. A message of hope that is spread not through the barrel of a gun, and the use of force, but rather through the example of a great nation acting as a light to the rest of humanity, a true City on the Hill.

Leadership follows a philosophical model that is either Fear based or Inspirational based. When we have been the true city on the hill, as a beacon of light to the rest of the world, they were inspired by our founding documents and the fact that we offered new hope to aspiring world populations. New hope was generated as a result of our guaranteeing individual sovereignty to all of the American people, (our Ideal, women, blacks, indians???). No longer was the King the only sovereign person in the nation but that same sovereignty was bestowed on each citizen as a birthright from the Creator. As we have drifted away from our founding ideals we have slipped into the great abyss, down the slippery slope into never never land. We have allowed the powerful to hold sway over us through a fear based leadership model. They have utilized mind control technologies that have dumbed us down to the point that we have lost our way. The world has watched us lose our bearings and drift into a false sense of purpose. The war doctrine is anathema to who we are as a nation and it is time to identify healthy boundaries and state in no uncertain terms that the present policy is not okay. We as a Nation must Reject Empire Building and a Perpetual War Doctrine.

After the Soviet Union fell and the world stage was our grand chessboard we allowed the Neocons, See; Project for the New American Century, to set national policy and institute a perpetual war doctrine that involves state sponsored terrorism, wars of aggression and a Globalist agenda that takes us further and further away from all that has made us great: individual rights, the rule of law, our constitutional protections, and a system of checks and balances. We have traded our Constitutional protections for the Patriot Act and its false guarantees of security. We have allowed this to take place, in our name, and with our nation’s constitutional form of government and future viability at stake. We are a great nation, not because we have the most guns, the largest economy or the most material wealth in the history of the world but rather because we guaranteed the personal sovereignty and the individual rights of our citizens i.e. Life-Liberty and pursuit of Happiness. These founding principals are who we are as a nation.

Since when do we allow an elite few to highjack our national identity and take us down a road to our collective peril? We must awaken from the dream and reassert our God given rights taking back our country and resetting our national strategy to reflect who we really are, Free, Sovereign, Intelligent, Loving Hue-Man-Beings.

We must recognize there are multi systems in play and that our government is not the same government that our founders set up for us more than two hundred and thirty years ago. Since the 1940’s we have watched the National Security Super State grow and metamorphose into a powerful Shadow government that reaches into every facet of our lives. It has its tentacles in our military, political and economic and educational institutions and grows in power with each new day. In many ways it is like a virus that has taken over our form of government, from the inside. They operate outside the rule of law; they have their own funding mechanisms, i.e. the illegal drug trade, economic fraud, theft, and outright funding through the intelligence budget. The Shadow Government, utilize false flag state sponsored terrorism as a tool to move their policy objectives forward in contrivance of all national and international law. They operate completely outside of the public scrutiny and have an international globalist agenda that is counter to the best interests of the United States, her people and the people of the world. Our National Strategy must be set with a full understanding of the true realities taking place in the world and not viewed with a false one dimensional linear perspective.

It is a fact that the National Security Super State has been in contact with Extra-terrestrial intelligences since the 1940’s and executed a disinformation campaign keeping the American people in the dark. It is one thing to set a policy of disinformation and another thing to keep the truth from the American public. The UFO reality is a part of our collective experience. The government can lie cheat and steal and there are those who will fail to see it. Conversely there are many waking up to the manipulation and realize that a true National Strategy must incorporate the full spectrum of our government if it is going to truly meet the needs of our great nation.

The unveiling has begun and many citizens are now demanding a National Strategy that incorporates the Exopolitical perspective, the National Security Super State Shadow Government, Globalist, New World Order realities. We cannot fail to unmask the deception if we are to formulate a true United States National Strategy. All cards must be on the table for it is then we will truly set the national agenda outside of the hidden shadow government that manipulates the world.

We have lost our way and it is now time to reevaluate where we have been, where we are, and where we are going. This reevaluation must include a well informed citizenry and a National Strategy for the 21st Century. The topics to consider will include Education, Food, Energy, Transportation, Sustainability, Economy, Spirituality, and Inter-National and Galactic relations. The model we create will be the hope of the world and will be realized by inspiration not by force. This is our mission if we will seize the moment and act in our National interest, the interest of humanity and the greater good.

The mission we have before us is dependant on those souls who reject the present model and help to bring in a new model founded on the principles that made us great. The great American experiment must stay true to its founding ideals while incorporating the present reality of our Galactic place in the Universe. We must rise to the occasion and through our moral leadership, our spiritual and conscious awareness, our technology and our sovereign individualism. We will help the rest of the world see what can be accomplished when we put our heads and our hearts together to once again lead the human species to a brighter and more sustainable future.

May I suggest we: do y(our) own research (DYOR) and come to our own truth.


Robert B. Reckmeyer

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