Tuesday, December 8, 2009

ElectroMagnetic Drives & Beam Propulsion Technology

X-22A DarkStar two-man antigravity disc fighter. Lockheed-Martin. With particle beam weapon.

Aurora spaceplane. Lockheed-Martin. A mid-sized spacefaring vehicle propelled by both a SCRAMjet on conventional fuel and/or electrogravitics antigravity field propulsion. Able to travel to the Moon.

Robert Bruce Reckmeyer
Conspiracy Truth
ElectroMagnetic Drives & Beam Propulsion Technology
It is important for us to educate ourselves to the higher physics so we understand the Multiverse of which we are a part. If we fail to reframe the nature of our personal and collective reality to include the higher physics then we are trapped in flatland (the world is flat and one can fall off if one sails towards the horizon).
Just remember the Elite, Priest Class, kept our ancestors in bondage by keeping them ignorant of the higher physics and therefore unable to grasp the Truth. Now in our age the same control is being utilized so the masses do not wake up and realize how they are manipulating hue-man-ity.
If we understood Frequency, Hyper Dimensional, Plasma, Vibrational Physics then we would start to peel the onion and realize how powerful we really are. That is something they do not want us to know.
I know it can be overwhelming, at times, to realize how much work we have to do if we are going to reframe the nature of our personal reality but try we must because failure is unacceptable. It means putting our best foot forward and starting to walk. If we are trying to move from here to there then lets quit talking and start walking, one step at a time. Eventually we will get there.
Robert Reckmeyer

ElectroMagnetic Drives & Beam Propulsion Technology

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