Sunday, December 20, 2009

Multidimensional-Transdimensional Manipulation

Robert Bruce Reckmeyer
Conspiracy Truth
Multidimensional/Transdimensional Manipulation

Robert Reckmeyer

Below is a great introduction to a Trans dimensional dilemma that we as hue-man beings are now experiencing. I post this article as an Intro so others might be edified and may choose to help in the Grand Awakening now taking place on Planet Earth. Use your own intuition and if it resonates then I encourage you to DYOR, (Do Your Own Research) and come to your own truth.

I also encourage you to study; The Law of One Series, found at this link and begin the next level of understanding so we can polarize in the positive and Save our Planetary System from this Illuminati Agenda. Time is of the Essence.

It is important to Meditate on the information and incorporate the frequencies of Love and Light so we block their attempt for a trans dimensional manipulation of our sacred place in the Universal Ascension to full Light Body Configuration.

Our DNA upgrade is now taking place and it is important that we understand the forces at work trying to keep us from what is rightfully ours; Light Spectrum Beings living on a Positively Aligned Planetary System tuned to the Frequency of Love and Light.

We can be the Generation that defeats this Grand Manipulation, and we will.

This is the Real Deal...............


Robert Reckmeyer

Includes: The Contemporary MCEO Speaker-1 Contract; Kathara Healing, “Ascension Cycle,” Earth’s Templar & Azurite Press Travel Tours; MCEO Freedom Teachings®, Kathara Team & Newcomers’ Modules Program; Elements of the MCEO Freedom Teachings® & Ancient “False Ascension Science”; Ancient Deception, the Fall of Atlantis & Comparative Review of Death Science Paradigms; Free Will Choice, “It’s ALL True,” the Encryption Lattice and the “Paths of Rise & Fall”; The Hidden Human Dilemma, “Channels,” Earth Extinctions, 2012 & the Planetary Encryption Lattice; The Big Game, the 2012 Show, Pertinent Questions and the Silver Seed Awakening; Wise Choices, Symbol-Clues and Salvaging the Sacred

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