Sunday, November 23, 2008

Alex Collier/UFO Contactee

It is incumbent on all thinking people to jump out of the box and grow up so we can assume our rightful place in the multi verse and our space within our galaxy. It is time..........Alex Collier has a message for all of us. Let his message speak to your higher self and allow it to work on your heart.

"The love you withhold will be the pain you carry." Let the evolutionary spiral elevate my conscious awareness and speak to my soul. To be or not to be, that is the question. Letting go means allowing the river of life to carry me downstream. Allowing the current to speed up my graduation to a higher frequency of the creation.

There is a cosmic battle taking place between those aligned with the negative, dark side polarity and those aligned with the light, the positive polarity. It really is time to pick sides, making a choice and working towards the betterment, or not, of humanity and our planet earth. This is a cosmic battle for humanities consciousness. Our ability to graduate to the next frequency is dependent on those willing soldiers who will rise up and stand for truth.

We must be embolden and firm in our steadfastness......rejecting fear and embracing the power of the multi verse and the heavenly host who stand ready to assist us in this great effort. It is sink or swim, we either stand on our own two feet and grow past the evil manipulation or we fall back and repeat the cycle once again.

Let us stand together and hold back the tide knowing we have the power of the Infinite Creator empowering us and helping us achieve our highest potential as a Gifted Royal Bloodline. We are special and unique in the creation. Lets start acting that way.......................................................

Love-Light & Peace

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