Friday, November 21, 2008

National Security

It is incumbent on all good citizens to stand up and turn back the tide of false constructs....national security comes from the power of ideas and ideals not perpetual war and a world wide system of lies.

We must comes to terms with our past if we are to change the current paradigm and usher in a new way of doing business in the world. Those that would continue a system based on war, mind control, (see the HAARP system/Chemtrails, non lethal weapons)must not be allowed to prosper. Good people of the world must unite to establish a world based on the Brotherhood of Man.

Now is the time to stand up and reject covert action that keeps the American public out of the loop and allows the Secret Government to operate in our name.

Watch......listen.......learn.......and act, to overturn their mis-placed power and control. Their power and control, over us, is not okay.


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