Thursday, November 20, 2008

Research is the backbone to finding truth! Not my truth but what rings true for you! None of us can see this world exactly the same must take the time and DYOR (do your own research) to uncover what has been withheld from us and enabled those aligned with the Dark Side to dominate and manipulate our human family for thousands of years. We now, in this age, have the ability, through the inter-net, to unmask the deception and come to a greater understanding. We, our human family do not have to take it anymore! DYOR

Those of us who have the tools, at our finger tips, (computer) must stand up and do the work that must be done in order to turn this ship around. We are at a point in history that we either sink or swim as a human species. If you have awoken from your slumber then by all means don't fall back asleep! Arise and awaken your neighbor! Study where we have been, where we are and the possible outcomes, (time lines). Influence the future by becoming pro-active within the context of your reality. Speak out, write a book, set up a website, talk to your friends, attend a rally and make your voice heard (shout it from the roof tops).

Consciousness is the ability to think outside the box, question the accepted norm and keep questioning everything until it rings laud and clear within your whole being. Trust your gut, trust you intuition, trust your heart! DO NOT TRUST THE SYSTEM! Because it is controlled by the Dark Side and "they" do not have our best interest(s) at heart. They are power hungry and want to own and control the world and not just the world but each and every one of us.

We are literally at the fork in the the left we have more of the same.....negative polarity, the Dark side, perpetual war, 500 lb bunker buster bombs on innocent men, women and children, trillions of dollars to bailout the super rich. We have a world where 2% of 2% own and control EVERYTHING!

To the right we have 6.5 Billion human beings that want to drink clean water, are willing to do a fair days work for a fair days pay, they want to eat a hot meal (and would be happy for one hot meal a day), sleep in their own bed, share some affection, play with their children, and share some love and compassion with their fellow human family. We want to resonate LIGHT and LOVE and HOPE (Charity). There are 6.5 billion human beings alive on Planet Earth right now that want to do the right thing and yet they are easily manipulated and stuck, unable to see the forrest from the trees. We are living in a manufactured false reality based on fear. It is time to wake up and create a different model.

Watch Obama! His National Security Team is more of the same.....his chief of staff is a friend of Wall Street, not Main Street. We must pray he chooses the Light and not the Dark side....right now it does not look good. We must not fool ourselves but rather hold each "Public Servant" to account for their action(s). Not what we say but what we do!

I encourage every thinking person who stumbles across this blog to share it with their friends and family. To share my websites and pass along the links so others can DYOR.,,,,


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