Monday, November 17, 2008

Economic Depression/USA

Our wealth is being stolen from us..........and our Congress is to weak to do anything to help us. They are bought off with power, position, and money. How many of us have watched our money evaporate into thin air? Hows the equity in your real estate? Or your 401 K? How about your customer base? Growing or shrinking?

As we sit back praying for things to get better "they" complete their fleecing of the public. Its time to take back control and throw the Banksters out, take back control of the money supply and march on Washington, demanding from Obama that he stand up to the criminals and serve the peoples interests. This scam has gone on long enough and we should raise our voices, in unison, and say "We won't take it anymore!"

Organize.....speak out........wake up......NOW!

Peace-Brothers & Sisters

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