Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Law of One

The Law of One is the universal law of the universe. It speaks to the interconnectedness of the cosmos and the reality of instant communication on a cosmic level. The galactic community is literally connected as one electro-magnetic grid as are each sun, planet, and intelligent life in the universe. We are one interconnected unique aspect of the universal mind (God) and we are (wired) (figuratively) connected as One.Human beings are beings of light energy either vibrating very fast (positive) or slowly (negative). We have a free will choice to pick our polarity and can resonate much faster when we meditate on and experience compassion, love, forgiveness, abundance and the higher energy emotions (feelings). Conversely when we are about criticizing, judgment, lack, greed, meanness, lust, we resonate very slowly and align with a negative polarity. Both of these affect the earth grid electro-magnetically and hold a charge within our planetary system. The power-elite are quite skilled in holding our earth with a negative charge. When we are held with a negative charge it keeps our lights (human light) out and dis-connects us from the galactic community.The time for the unveiling is now......those souls who can meditate (daily) on love and compassion will help awaken others, speed up the vibration and in the process help turn the lights back on. Our earth grid needs to be charged with positive energy and over-come the false manipulation that has held all of humanity back.It’s really not that complicated once we understand that we live in an electric universe and there has been a short in the system. Spread the word to DYOR enlighten yourself to the truth; empower yourself and others so we can rejoin the galactic community of nations aligned with the light.

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