Sunday, November 23, 2008

China Earthquake caused by HAARP weapon

Watch the strategic provocations.........HAARP is a system to harmonically control the weather and has the ability to cause earth quakes and trigger the natural forces underground. It also is being utilized for mind control, social engineering of the human population (without our informed consent).

Good people must unite in their opposition to concentrated power and control. The New World Order has no qualms about using any and all means to further their agenda. Now is the time to awaken and demand they STOP. We must assert our individual and collective sovereignty or we will lose our ability to reason and think critically. We are at a critical fork in the road..........If we fail to open our eyes and face the truth then we will be a system controlled by the dark side.

Chemtrails turn the atmosphere into a highly charged plasma allowing the HAARP system to operate at a much greater intensity. It allows the manipulation of our atmosphere for weather manipulation, it has the ability to trigger earth quakes and volcano's and can pulse the atmosphere with very slow frequencies that help maintain a mind controlled public. All of these technologies can be researched within the public domain, see; Angels Don't Play that HAARP, chemtrails, mind control, frequency transmutation, DNA manipulation.

The truth is stranger than fiction.................I encourage everyone to DYOR and come to your own truth. I may be sounding the bell, trying (in my small way) to sound the alarm but it takes individual thinking people to turn this ship of state around. Please listen and take the time to research these issues. We are literally running out of time.........


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