Sunday, November 16, 2008

Terence McKenna/Time Wave Zero

Time wave Zero is the Fractal Wave completed, compressed to the zero point at the end of time, December 21, 2012. We are living within the completion of the wave. Reality is fractal in nature.

"Video from NOTE: The following text is from where you can get your own TimeWave Zero (Fractal Time) software! This software illustrates a theory of time, history and the end of history as first described in the book The Invisible Landscape by Terence and Dennis McKenna. As related by Terence McKenna in his book True Hallucinations, the theory of Timewave Zero was revealed to him in the wake of an unusual psychedelic experiment conducted deep in the Amazon jungle in Colombia in 1971, which led to his being instructed in certain transformations of numbers, derived from the King Wen Sequence of I Ching hexagrams, relating to the occurrence of temporal phenomena. This led eventually to a mathematical description of "the timewave", which allegedly correlates time and history with the ebb and flow of something called Novelty, claimed to be a quality intrinsic to the temporal structure of the universe. A peculiarity of this correlation is that at a certain point a singularity is reached which is the end of history — or at least a transition to a supra-historical order in which our ordinary conceptions of reality will be radically transformed. The date of this point was chosen by McKenna to be December 21, 2012, the date of the winter solstice of that year and also the end of the current era of 13 baktuns in the Maya Calendar."

Open your mind and let your spirit speak to your higher self.


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