Friday, November 14, 2008

Letting Go

I wrote this and posted it about a month ago but thought it was worth re-posting for added benefit.

I was visiting my parents this past week and my work, researching, writing, websites, books and such became a hot topic of the conversation. They fundamentally are well intentioned and good people and yet they can't seem to wrap themselves around many of my concerns concerning the 911 false flag Psy/Op, the war in Iraq, my differences with the war doctrine, in general, government involvement with the illegal drug business and John McCain and Sarah Palin and their elitist attitude. I did not go over to visit them with any intention of upsetting their world and in spite of my good intentions that is exactly what I did.

How do we express ourselves in such a mixed up world, get our point across, be true to our convictions and still maintain our positive energy, not the easiest thing to do. I have struggled with wanting to resonate positive energy and then when someone like my Dad pushes my buttons and challenges my convictions I basically throw all of it on the table and wonder why good people can be so blind.

My wife, Deborah pointed out that we can't force people to see what we see if its not part of their reality. UFOs and Aliens might be something real and yet my folks might not be able to accept an Alien involvement in our world. It is beyond their comfort level and beyond their understanding. Crop circles, Aliens, UFOs, false flag operations, New World Order, North American Union, Amero, frequency transmutation and the changes coming to our world around the 2012 date might be my reality but may never be their reality. It is part of the shift. Some will shift and some will not. It is incumbent on us to let go and not push others if it is not something they are ready to do.

We must be willing to stand back, stay positive resonate love and compassion and not force others to shift if they are not willing or ready. We have to keep moving forward and not fall back into frustration or anger because our loved ones just don't see it the same way we do. It might be totally real for us and still their world is totally real for them. We can articulate our world and then stand back and let go allowing them to digest our reality without forcing them to eat it. Sometimes it might be better to release our loved ones to the universe and allow the universe to work on them with minimal involvement from us. (that can be hard when you love someone and want them to experience the shift so as not to be left back)

Thankfully we are all a work in progress and the last act has not been written.............wish me luck!

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