Monday, November 24, 2008

Didactic Edification

Intended to instruct, build up, an uplifting enlightenment by integrating moral, intellectual and spiritual understanding.

The act of edifying, or a state of being edified; a building up, especially in a moral or spiritual sense, intellectual, or spiritual improvement; instruction.

Didactic Edification is my life path, my perceived mission while in the earth plane. This didactic edification is best accomplished through the experiential, inter-active approach and can be utilized through any dimension of our earthly journey. We have within our nature a longing for spiritual development that transcends our limited 3D perspective and when we focus our intention can literally unlock the chains that bind us.

My spirit guides have instructed me to communicate a message of love, hope and empowerment to every person I can reach, through the written word, web site(s), video feeds, and to shout it out from the mountain top at every opportunity. As instructed, I am doing what I can to help move this effort along. They have put into motion a level of activity that is generating a tsunami tidal wave that is beyond our human understanding. This effort involves people from all over the planet that are hearing the call and answering, as best they can, imperfectly but actively. Many people can now feel an explosion of consciousness reaching a crescendo, building towards a burst of cosmic energy.

The Mayan Cosmology speaks to the close of this cycle and the age of revealing when the masks shall come down and the veil will be removed from our eyes. There is a new level of understanding sweeping across the world on almost every front. As the veil is lifted we have the opportunity to move past the divisions that have divided us and reclaim our personal and collective sovereignty.

My web site is designed to be a portal and a jumping off point for people to explore their world absent the false manipulation. We each come to our own truth many different ways and at many different times. Robert Reckmeyer.Com is meant to help facilitate a trip down the rabbit hole where one is confronted with one adventure after the other. Take a trip down the rabbit hole, look around and reframe the nature of your personal reality. Find your own truth and expand your mind, don’t let others tell you what is true, find out for yourself.

We are in a critical period of time as we come to the close of this cycle, ending around the 2012 date, December 21, 2012. I try not to get to caught up on the date or try and pin down a certain set of events. One thing is quite clear; we are experiencing time speeding up and our level of understanding exploding with revelation on a daily basis. The fact that so many people are experiencing an altered state of consciousness is testimony to our collective experience. The key during these next few years is to be in the right place spiritually and vibrationally.

It is imperative to be in community with like minded souls who have a commitment to their personal ascension and can be supportive to each other.

A time of daily meditation is similar to a defrag of our computer hard-drive and can, with practice, help one to form a clearer connection to each other, other dimensional beings and to Super Universal Consciousness, the Galactic Brain, God, or any other name one might ascribe to the Grand Architect of the Universe(s). It is critical that we are open to receive and quiet enough to hear when we tune ourselves to the higher frequencies.

It works very much like a FM radio receiver. If we fail to turn on the receiver or fail to dial in a station, or fail to use an antenna then no wonder we never hear anything and we falsely believe that those who do are not being truthful. “If I can’t hear it then it must mean there is nothing to hear”. That is patently false. The universe is teaming with intelligent life wanting to connect with us. They utilize many frequencies of the octave spectrum, within our Musical Universe(s). If we want to join the galactic community then we have to play by their rules and expand our reality to include them. If we want to be stuck in a 3D world and never grow past our current paradigm then it is truly our choice.

We have been caught in a time loop from one grand cycle (25,920 years) to the next. We have failed the harvest and many souls repeat the cycle over and over again. We have a great opportunity right here and now, to graduate to the next vibrational level. The earth is cycling through the photon belt, highly charged light particles, consciousness units, that are speeding up the frequency of the earth and throughout our solar system. The reason we are able to see more truth, understand both the Dark Side manipulations and also the higher energy realities, is because we are absorbing more light through our DNA antenna system. We are more telepathic and in tune with the cosmic order because we are in the photon belt. You can see why it is so important for all of us to be awake, clear headed, not medicated and in spiritual communication with the higher realms.

Now is not the time to be sleeping or seeking false entertainment. We must be working to graduate to the next vibrational level and bring as many souls along, with us, as is humanly possible.

I have been instructed to do everything in my power to get the message out and to request that we are not bashful, weak minded, fearful, or putting the cares of this world before the work that needs to be done. This is a wake up call to those souls who signed up for this mission before incarnating into the earth plane. The harvest is upon us and we need to shout it from the hill tops. I am asking that each person reading this, stop and close your eyes for a minute, try and remember why we came to earth. We must reconnect with our higher self and find our way home to our spiritual center.

I encourage each of you to copy this web site to ten friends and request that they do the same, (Conscious Creator Enterprise). If we can get the word out, through word of mouth, and ignite a spiritual fire helping others connect with their higher self then it will take on a life of its own. I am trying to do my part, as a catalyst, but it takes all of us to make it happen. This is directed from a higher power and comes from a place that can only be found from within. If this message resonates within your spirit and you recognize something from deep inside then pass it along and ask others to do the same. I will be eternally grateful to all of you for the help and I will do my best to move this effort along.

If we can flood the market with love and light articulating a message of freedom and liberty, asking the universe to open the right doors and bringing the right people together then anything is possible. Nothing is impossible when we are doing the work that needs to be done. The Universal Consciousness will empower us to accomplish the mission no matter how difficult it may seem. I encourage all of us to search our souls and make the most of each day we have left on Gods green earth. Time is passing by and we want to make sure we don’t waste a minute for the work that needs to be done.


In Love and Light

Robert B. Reckmeyer

James Gilliland

Alex travels up to Trout Lake, Washington to talk with ufologist James Gilliland about the phenomena on July 6th, 2008. James claims that after a near death experience he entered into what he calls intra-dimensional intelligence and began communication with beings of a higher nature. It is in this region of Washington where UFOs are seen on a regular basis around Mt. Adams. In this interview he shares his thoughts as well as some of his predictions.

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