Friday, November 21, 2008

Collective Consciousness/Obama

Barack Husein Obama is a reflection of our collective consciousness..........Our (His) ability to navigate to a better place is dependent on our collective will, and yet Obama represents our hopes and dreams while still being a work in progress. Obama has taken on a super human responsibility and so we await his maturation and our ability to project our collective consciousness onto him and his Presidency.

The future is not written in is pliable and mailable to our energetic projection. We as a human family have the ability to choose which direction we want to is an individual and a collective future time we align with the positive or the negative? Do we line up with service to self or service to others? Are we helping or hurting? Is our Nation part of the solution or part of the problem? How do we energetically influence the outcome of our human drama?

Obama has within him the seed to our ascension or the seed to our demise. Now we are called to energetically resonate love and compassion, charity and hope for humanity. If we choose to accentuate the negative, the Dark Side, then we are saying NO to a future filled with light. Rather we project a world left in the dark.

May we now realize that we have great power, within our being, to affect the future course of American and World history. We can not tell Obama what to do but we can energetically influence the outcome. We can elevate the vibration to a higher frequency and picture wholeness. We can usher in a new reality by thinking it into existence.

All is working itself out and bringing us closer to a new day.......It is important for us to let go of the past and embrace a new future based on the brotherhood of man. Those souls who can not let go of the past will be held back for another cycle until they learn that they create their own reality and it is either filled with love or separation. Those that hold on to power and control will be left to experience the fruit of their labor.

Now we turn and lift up our hearts, understanding our cosmic role as a planetary system, and a human family in transition. May we send our positive vibrations out to the multi verse and ask that the Supreme Creator bless us and keep us safe while we move up the evolutionary ladder to a new tomorrow. May He also bless Barack Obama and give him the insight and wisdom to make the right choices as he reflects our collective human consciousness. This is my prayer....................


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