Friday, November 14, 2008

Empire Building

A conversation with former National Security Advisor: Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft & former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

We in the United States are responsible for what is done in our name. We are entering a period of history that will potentially either bring us to our human destruction or an age of enlightenment.

The truth must be presented in a factual way so the American people can choose, individually and collectively which path they are on. We must choose either a positive polarity or a negative one. We are either about service to others or service to self. We are about power and control or love and compassion.

Our national identity is now at a cross roads...........we are literally running out of time before the decision will be made for us, without our consent. We still have time to make that decision for ourselves.

The shift of frequency is happening right now. We have entered a time frame in our cosmic cycle that dictates a shift in our cosmic consciousness. The planet earth has entered the photon belt and is raising its frequency to a higher level. Those souls who are ready to graduate to the next frequency level will be given the opportunity to make the shift if they choose love, compassion and light.

My view is quit simple. Empire building is about power and control when it is done through the barrel of a gun, thermo Nuclear Bombs, dirty bombs, men women and children being blow up. It is not okay to hurt people, period. If one wants to lead then lead through the power of ideas, the vibration of love and compassion. Do not lead through fear, power, control and blood.

These three men see the world with their own eyes. I see a different world and I believe we as a people must organize ourselves to stop the madness, the War in Iraq, Afghanistan, the hoax of the War on Terror, (911 was an inside job).

It is time for men and women throughout the world to band together and dismantle the war machine. Close down our 160 foreign military bases, stop building and deploying Nuclear Bombs, and start being the kind of human race we can be proud of. After all we are intelligent life in the universe, lets start acting like we are.


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