Thursday, November 6, 2008

America: the parallels with Germany 1939

We must educate ourselves and bring our collective awareness to the historical perspective if we are to guard ourselves from repeating those same lessons that previous generations have had to learn.
From one who understands all too well the pain of incarceration and the slave labor prison system may I suggest we do our homework and turn away from an economic model that utilizes slave labor as a way to maintain a false level of economy. If we allow the oligarchy to manipulate our political process to feather their own nests, at the expense of the working/labor class than we will reap our own pain.
Hitler was brought to power as a piece on the grand chess board to further the British Banking interests/NY Wall Street and once again we see the criminal banksters at it again in our age. We must not be sleeping through this period of our history and caught unawares.
Webster Tarpley does a good job at bringing an historical perspective to our current situation and some of the ways the criminal/political/elite plan to engineer their plan for concentrated power.
We must grow up, educate ourselves and block their illegal move(s) or we may find ourselves in a much more difficult reality. I pray not.


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