Sunday, November 30, 2008

Occult knowledge/Vortex Energy

Occult: Definition of Occult: Babylon English-English adj. secret, hidden; inconceivable to the human mind, mysterious; magical, supernatural n. study of the occult.

The occult knowledge touches all aspects of our lives, scientific, religious, political, educational, medical and physiological.

Some would say we have crossed the threshold and now through the study of quantum, vibrational, hyper-dimensional physics, comparative religion, human psychology, ancient civilizations and consciousness, we are becoming whole again.

There are sinister forces working to keep humanity from waking up....this reality is not a joke. They have used the occult knowledge to maintain their power and control over humanity. Conversely there is another path, towards the light and the connection to the higher realms.

The rediscovery of the old scientific understanding is there for all to see if they will educate themselves and help to usher in a new paradigm utilizing the natural powers of the universe.
The electromagnetic earth grid is humming with unlimited electric power. The old power system using the pyramids, obelisks, and natural electromagnetic forces within the planet is available, waiting for us to tap into it.

I encourage each person reading this blog to watch the short videos and expand your mind. All of this knowledge has been available and yet hidden by those who want to control the world and all of humanity. It is my understanding that now is the time for all of us to spread the word and help wake up our brothers and sisters so we can live in harmony with humanity, nature, earth and our cosmic multidimensional neighbors.



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Part 2

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